Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We planted tomatoes and peppers. It might be too early; only time will tell, but the weatherman said there is no sign of a frost in our future, and it's only two weeks until the average last frost date. In fact, I heard a rumor that the National Weather Service has updated that LFD list, and ours is now two weeks earlier than it was, which means *now*. The warm weather and rain have contributed to a great start.

-- Our usually non-producing plum tree bloomed, and I now think the reason it doesn't set fruit is that there is no pollinating tree in bloom at the same time. I hope the wild plums fill that bill.

-- One of the new pear trees bloomed; the apple trees are now beginning to bloom. Interestingly, apple trees put out their leaves and then the flowers, where the others bloom first.

-- We found a webby thing on one of the plum trees, with caterpillars climbing around. I scraped it off and stomped on it, removing all the wiggly things I could find on the tree, and washed it all off. I'll have to research organic sprays or something.

-- I hung a bird feeder amongst the trees, hoping that the birds will eat those caterpillars.

-- Hubby mowed the lawn for the first time this season, and used his replaced extension ladder to install a solar yard light to replace the electric light that had been on the barn.

-- I've seen and heard mosquitoes, and I pulled the first tick off my body.

-- The coyotes have been very noisy this week. It sounds like a large pack that runs through the ravine behind us. I'm glad that Phoenix and Firefly are so close to the house, and are enclosed in their chainlink dog kennel at night. Our female Pyrenees is trying hard to do the work of two dogs, guarding both the front yard and the barnyard that she and her brother used to split up.

-- We've had lots of rain this week. On Wednesday evening, I had to hide from hail in the horse barn. The pond, though not full to the top, is nicely filled.


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