On Monday it began raining, and it rained and it rained and it rained, a good old-fashioned raining-cats-and-dogs type of storm with thunder and lightning. It continued all day and night, finally ending Tuesday morning.

I went out to feed the horses on Tuesday morning in a green world. Spring is here! Overnight the ground changed from turning-green to bright spring green.

I heard an unusual noise to the south, and listened as I put feed in the feeders. I had a suspicion as to what it was, but had never heard it here before. After the horses finished eating and I let them loose again, I realized that two of them were also listening, with ears forward and faces pointed to the noise.

Curiousity got the best of me and I had to go look. I walked out to the hayfield and over to the ravine edge. And yes, I was right: it was rushing water! There was a river running through the ravine!

Of course I know that ravines are formed by running water, but this is the first time in seven and a half years that I have heard that sound of rushing water. I thought of movies where the hero can hear a waterfall in the distance. The humidity, the wet grass, the water dripping from the trees, and the sound of the water in the ravine reminded me of a rainforest.

We've had so much rain in the past two days that I can literally watch the grass grow.

We're supposed to get more rain today and tomorrow. I pray that we'll continue to receive the rain we need for a good year, with enough grass and hay to sustain the goats and horses, the fruit trees and the garden. We're off to a good start.


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