A Walk Down the Road

Last week I took a walk drive down the road. I wanted to walk, my destination wasn't far and I enjoy walking. However, if I'd walked I'd have been followed by a parade of dogs and cats. I'd worry about whether they'd follow me back home again, so instead I drove down the road and around the corner where they couldn't see me, and parked at the side of the road.

The wild peach tree was in bloom and I wanted pictures. I've wanted to do this for the past several years, but this was the first time I actually made it happen, even if I had to drive instead of walk.

The tree grows in the fenceline of an old homestead. This old house is deserted and desolate nowadays.

The poor old house looks like it will fall down in the next windstorm, but it's always still standing when I drive past on the way to town. Someday it won't be.

I know the owners were the grandparents of our now-deceased neighbor, but I don't know who now owns the land. I think it is leased to someone who keeps his cows and hay in the pastures.

There is evidence of its past life. Daffodils still bloom in the yard.

There used to be a clothesline, but the wooden poles have fallen in the past year or so. Behind the house is an old wooden barn. One day I saw a red-tailed hawk perched in the open hayloft window.

And the peach tree. Were its blooms once much-anticipated as spring approached? Or was it planted by a bird in a more recent year?

The fruit are white-fleshed, and tiny, and it grows outside the fence, so I tend to think it was a wild-planting. I've tested an occasional peach, waiting for just the right moment to harvest some from the tree, but I've never managed to beat the wildlife. In one night, they completely strip the tree of its fruit.

I'll have to be on my toes this year and pick some early, to let them ripen on my kitchen counter. I wouldn't take them all; the wildlife depend on it as a food source.

That day, the cows on the other side of the road watched me from the time I got out of the truck until I climbed back in again. The fuzzy-faced calves are so cute.

And then I drove back home. My dogs and cats were none the wiser.



  1. Kathi, that is a lovely post.
    I do love to see wildlife and old buildings, and the pictures you took are just beautiful.

    I thank the Lord for His blessings in all seasons... and how I do love the spring.

    In Him, Carra

  2. I love spring too, Carra - it's God's handiwork all around us in bright living color!


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