Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The horses all had their feet trimmed, and one had his teeth floated. We have one more horse that needs dental attention, but are doing one at each visit. They are being done in order of need.

-- We had several visitors that wanted to ride a horse, so Splash was saddled up several times and was a good patient steed with his beginner riders.

-- Friends took a load of the flattest tin from our barn to use in a building project of their own. We have more to get rid of (we hope to take it to the local recycler), but even that one load made a difference in the pile in our yard. I am anxious to have it all gone so that I am not hit in the face with the reminder anytime I look in that direction. I want to plant a shade tree there, and am trying to decide on what kind: fast-growing, not too tall, plenty of shade so we can sit under it, and not too expensive to buy or a native that I can transplant from elsewhere.

-- Other friends had their first kids born, boer twins that were quite weak. I found my feeding tube (I was afraid it had been in the kidding kit in the barn, but found it in my vet kit in the house), so I went over and taught them how to use it. The kids were also given a shot of BoSe. The buckling died, but so far the doeling is doing better and getting stronger, up and following her mama around. Later in the week their dairy doe also kidded with a single doeling who is doing well.

-- The hot sunny weather took me a bit by surprise, and I am sporting a sunburned neck and nose this week. We had the warmest March on record in Oklahoma weather history. We've also had enough rain to erase the drought, and to grow knee-high clover in the pasture. We should have chosen this year to raise a calf.

-- After my visit to the doctor last week and the diagnosis of bronchitis, I am still coughing but I'm definitely feeling better.

-- I look often at the tiny fruit in my little orchard, praying for a good harvest this year.



  1. Dear Kathi,
    That is so lovely. :) Thank you for sharing glimpses into your life.

    So sorry of the painful reminders. May the Lord bless you, and heal you.

    And heal your Bronchitis too.
    In His Name.

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Hello Kathi!

    Thank you for this sharing all this in this beautiful post. I enjoyed reading it this morning. :)

    It has been so, so hot here this March too! I wonder if its has broken a record for SC too....

    Praying for you!

    In His Love;


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