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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Our remaining Pyrenees dog seemed ill, so I took her to the vet. She has tick fever, and is getting an antibiotic pill three times a day for 21 days. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find her in the heat of the day for that noon-time pill, but she has realized that I bring treats to her several times a day (with pills inside) so she hangs around waiting for me. I hope I caught it early enough; I hope she'll be ok.

-- I heard the first whippoorwill.

-- I cleaned out the "spare room" while hubby was out of town for a few days. It was a multi-day job! The room is finished; I just have a few things that still need to be put in other places.

-- The older goat kids are now getting two bottles a day instead of three. Felicity still gets a noon-time bottle, and the others are jealous.

-- I saw cattle egrets on the way to town (there is a photo here). Haven't seen any in several years. They brought a smile to my face.

-- We had a loud pack of coyotes in back of the house one morning, closer than usual. It's amazing how quickly they figure out that the dogs aren't working, isn't it? With our male gone and the female sick, no dogs have been roaming out in the pasture for awhile. The pyr didn't even bark at their howling; the vet told me that tick fever really saps a dog's energy. Fortunately Pete heard them and barked from inside the house. I let the house dogs out in the backyard and I barked along encouragingly. (I'm glad I live in the country and don't have neighbors that think I'm nuts.) I need to start walking Pete along the fenceline so he can mark territory and warn the coyotes, at least until the female pyr is well again.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.