Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- After cleaning up the spare room last week, this week I cleaned out the closet in that room, and under the guest bathroom vanity.

-- My poeticus daffodils finally bloomed. They are always the last of the spring bulbs to bloom, and many years they never do. There were four precious flowers this year. I think I need to thin them out. It's interesting that they bloom more prolifically in other yards than in mine.

-- In fact, it's interesting to drive to town and see what wildflowers are blooming in other places that have not yet begun to bloom here on Oak Hill, which is at a slightly higher elevation. I've seen Indian blanket, evening primrose and many others that aren't even budding here yet.

-- My yarrow has begun blooming this week though; it's time to gather flowers and leaves to infuse in oil.

-- I have quite a bit of milkweed growing this year. I hope I'll be able to find more Monarch caterpillars.

-- Hubby has been mowing down the clover in the horses' pasture, so that it doesn't choke out the grass.

-- Yesterday I let the goat kids out of the backyard to graze, and I stayed with them because the pasture fence is just barbed wire. I used to do this with my past herd. The kids were good, coming when I called them back as they wandered too far from me, but it was still hard to get them into the backyard and not run back out the gate as I tried to close it. Now Phoenix has figured out that she can squeeze between the gate and post and get out... and she's the biggest one!


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