Herbal Soap

In spite of having enough goat milk in the freezer to make soap for months to come, after the barn fire I felt unable to make soap. Last week I finally took the step.

I had the oils all measured for two batches. I find it easiest to measure enough for several batches in one afternoon, labeling each container and freezing it for use later. I chose the container for a half-batch of my herbal soap, which uses my infused oils.

With the oils already measured, making soap is an easier task. I warmed up the oils, measured the lye, and smashed a baggie of frozen goat milk into pieces so I could use the correct amount. I prefer to freeze milk in ice cube trays but at times I had so much milk that I just poured it in zipper bags and stuck it in the freezer.

It only takes about half an hour to make soap once everything is measured and ready. I poured it into my new log mold, ordered from Brambleberry. I'm going to have to adjust my recipe amounts slightly to fit the new molds.

The infused oils are a deep green, and the soap itself has a pale green color with an earthy green scent.

These bars are already sold, but they'll stay in my workroom for six weeks until they are fully cured. Yes, I have quite a backlog of orders. I'm thankful that folks have been willing to wait. (Thank you! You know who you are!)