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One of my 4-H girls raises goats. She has mostly boers (meat goats), but she has one dairy goat, which was born here at Oak Hill 3 years ago. The girl worked for me to "buy" Imagine, and each fall Imagine comes back home to be bred to my buck. The first year she lost her kid early-on, probably after being head-butted by the more dominant doe in the herd.

But this morning she delivered a doeling! I'm told the kid looks just like her, and is named Image. She's up and walking and nursing, and we are all thrilled!

Here are the first baby pictures!

It's wonderful to see that my goats live on in spite of the fire. Image's sire was my buck Spots. Imagine was Grace's daughter, and Dream's granddaughter.

I feel like a grandma this morning!


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  1. Oh Congratulations Kathi, and praise the Lord Jesus! :) That is just wonderful. It makes me so happy. Loved your post.
    Yours, in Him,


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.