Last week I spent a pleasant afternoon at Jana's house. As I pulled up to her gate, a flock of chickens went in one direction in her yard and a herd of goat kids went another direction with her dogs following behind. Jana has two English shepherds, the same breed as my Pete.

Her goat kids were friendly and adorable. She has brown kids with spots, black kids with moonspots, blue roan kids, black and tan kids, brown kids with white belts, and more. I've never seen so much color in one place. They roamed her front yard in small groups, came up to me to be petted, investigated the leaves and weeds, chased each other around. It was such fun to watch them.

One big spotted doe came over to me and laid her head in my lap, standing still as I scratched her chest and neck. She was so patient, and seemed to know that petting her for a bit was just what I needed.

We had a lovely afternoon. At the end of my visit we loaded up two of the kids in the crate in my truck, and I brought home Miss Mouse (now called "Felicity") and an as-yet-unnamed buck kid.


My new little herd is now complete; I promised hubby I'd keep it very small. Felicity is such a sweetheart; she's been a lap goat at her previous home, just like Phoenix was until she grew too big.

I love sitting out in my backyard and having kids jump over me and snuggle with me.

Buckling & Felicity


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  1. Oh they are so very beautiful Kathi! :) You are a lovely goat keeper. The feelings you have for them are so familiar to me. Yet even though I still can't quite comprehend your pain, in a complete way, I still know how bad things can hurt, and knowing this, I can pray for you!

    It looks like the Lord has blessed your heart Kathi, with lovely goats, and a visit to a lovely place. I know your herd is going to be beautiful. :)

    May our Lord Jesus bless you in such a special way, and all of your lovely herd too! :)

    In His Life,


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