Checking on the Fruit Trees Again

Hubby's sick. I'm sick. Our pyrenees dog is sick. Between various doctor/vet visits and phone consultations, I have to keep everyone fed and watered. I'm not accomplishing much other than this.

I check on the fruit trees weekly, so I did accomplish that this week while outside with the dog. I'm looking for those wiggly wormy things that make webby cocoons in the branches. This past week I discovered an unexpected pear on one of the trees we planted just this spring. It's misshapen, but there's a pear!

It's the kieffer pear tree. In comparison, the d'anjou pear tree has just a few tiny leaves.

I'm really enjoying watching the peaches grow; this tree is just a couple of years old too, has been transplanted twice, spent a year in a pot, and this is the first year it has borne fruit.

Peach fuzz!

I had to check the tomato plants too, there are lots of tomatoes.

I saw an ad on Craigslist the other day for canning tomatoes. Someone in a close-by town has 1,500 tomato plants and will be selling them for $1.50/lb. They'll contact me when the tomatoes are ripe and ready. My growing tomatoes are slicing varieties; I'm looking forward to buying some canning types.

And then I couldn't resist peeking at the kittens under the hay tarp. Isn't she cute?


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