Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I sold my buck, the only goat that survived the fire. It was unfair to keep him; he was lonely, and I don't know if I'll have a breedable doe this fall or if I'll have to wait till next year. He went to a great place with plenty of room to roam and lots of girlfriends.

-- Our pyrenees continues to improve from her bout with tick fever. It's been a long road, but this week she barked at the mail carrier! I know she's feeling better, even if her body still isn't doing what she wants it to do.

-- I participated in a benefit trail ride for the horse rescue from which we adopted Easter so many years ago. Great weather, great ride, great people, and a great cause.


-- There are little green tomatoes on the plants, and the peppers have begun to bloom. "Summer" is the taste of a red tomato, warm and juicy, right off the vine and eaten outside.

-- Egg production has been down the past week or more, and one day there were no eggs at all. I wondered if we had a snake. Yesterday morning as I opened the coop door a snake glided past the doorway, a big black snake. I shut the door fast and told hubby, who brought out his gun and took care of the problem (there's now a hole in the wall of the chicken coop too - oops). The snake had eaten one egg already, but there were four left in the nest. One had blood spattered on it and I broke that one open for the cats. The snake was over four feet long and very well-fed.


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