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The Goat Herd

Each day I let the goat kids out in the backyard for awhile so they can eat the weeds, clear out the fenceline, and have fun. (Occasionally I let them out on the hillside too, but that is just fenced with barbed wire so it isn't as easy or convenient.)




The Phantom, my buckling
Yes, his days with the girls are numbered.
Soon he'll be moved to temporary buck quarters,
where he will share a fenceline with the girls
so he won't be completely alone.

Phoenix again

I am happy with the quality and personality of my little
replacement herd. They are all very sweet, and like all
goats are very personable. Once again I'd like to
thank Lisa, Sue-Ellen, and Jana.

Some people have told me that they don't like goats
because they have "too much personality". I think it's
similar to the debate between dogs and cats, with
cats also having too much personality. Personally
I love both dogs and cats, and goats...

"Photobombed" by Firefly (above) and The Phantom (below)
running through my shot.

When I first let them out, the kids run enthusiastically from one end
of the yard to the other. Eventually they will settle down
to browse, but they'll take off again at the slightest noise or
a leaf blowing in the wind, just for fun. They are completely
tame, but they have such a zest for life; they love to run
and jump and are so much fun to watch.


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  1. Oh Kathi, your goats are so very beautiful. :) It nearly brought tears to my eyes thinking of their joy when you let them free. :)

    It is always so much fun for me also. :)

    I'm praying for you. So thankful you all are well.
    Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. :) Your goats truly are beautiful. And so healthy! :)


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.