The Orchard in Spring

Baby plums

Baby peaches

Baby nectarines

I don't see any apples this year though. Not all of the trees bloomed, and the pollinating tree (as suggested by Stark Bros. Nursery) died a couple of years ago. I need to replace it.

Hubby made this whirligig from colored plastic canvas. It's hanging from the biggest plum tree. I love the spot of color.

The tomatoes are blooming already.

This is a variegated ground cover of some kind, growing under our water hydrant. The start was given to me at a plant swap at the library many years ago. Of all the plants I brought home that day, only this has survived.

The peppers should bloom in a day or two, Lord willing.

I am so very thankful for all the rain we've had this spring, what a blessing it has been after last year's serious drought.