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Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- I had to make a run to town this week in the truck. I opened the hood to check for kittens in the engine, and surprised two of them sleeping on top of the air filter! I was as startled as they were. One took off running but I didn't see the other one leave, so I had to poke around for quite some time to satisfy myself that it wasn't still somewhere in the engine before I started it.

-- Finished the round bale of hay that I bought in February. The horses were grazing in the hayfield when I bought it, then were moved to the pasture in March where there was abundant grass, so for the most part, only the goat kids were being fed this hay. I got my $120 worth out of it, that's for sure, and I'm SO thankful that hay is back to the normal price of $40 now.

-- Granddaughter and I have picked all the yellow plums. I've peeled and pitted and cooked them down, freezing them by the quart to use later when I'm not quite so busy.

-- I peeled, cut and froze the two dozen peaches that we didn't eat fresh. I'll use them for jam or something later, but for now they are dealt with.

-- This is yesterday's harvest: the first of the big Bradley tomatoes, a smaller Early Girl tomato, green bell peppers, yellow and red plums.

-- We are spending time with the week-old litter of kittens so they will be friendly. Mama cat moved them once, but we found them again.

-- Pete, my English shepherd, has accompanied us on our daily walks. We've been looking for monarch caterpillars, but we haven't seen any this year. In fact, the two I found last year are the only ones I've ever seen here, although I see the butterflies all summer long, and we have a great deal of milkweed.

-- We practiced soccer skills.

Life is good.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.