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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Happy birthday to our son today!

-- This was a milestone week: On Sunday, I posted Oak Hill Homestead's 1,400th blog post! Thank you all for hanging out with me.

-- I applied epsom salts to the tomato plants, and stuck calcium in the ground around their roots. I forgot to put a calcium pill in the hole when I planted the seedlings - oops.

-- We've eaten our first two ripe tomatoes - the Early Girl variety ripened first. The skins were a bit tough, but the insides were sure good. We've had more ripen, but they had blossom end rot and I gave them to the chickens.

-- We have lots of ant hills this year. Evidently I stood on one while playing with the kittens. One leg looks like I have the measles. Itchy!

-- Hubby demolished the old goat shed.

-- Tuesday night we had some major storms blow through. Thankfully we were spared the huge hail that hit Oklahoma City, but we had high winds and some rain plus a lot of thunder and lightning. Our son had our pick-up truck in the City - he'd borrowed it to move - it now has some hail dents but the glass is intact.

-- The yellow plum tree is so heavy with fruit that one branch trails down to the ground. The morning after the storm I thought it might have broken, but closer inspection showed that it is still intact, even though the end is now laying on the ground. A lot of fruit blew off the trees in the storm, but we didn't sustain any more damage than that.

-- My favorite red plums are beginning to ripen.

-- The clover in the pasture is dying down now, but there is still intense buzzing as bees and other insects feed on the blooms.



  1. Thanks. We had blossom end rot last year, but only for the first tomatoes. The rest were fine and we canned 60 quarts.
    I forgot about that. Will get the epson salts soon!

  2. Thank you, Pam - hopefully this will only affect the first tomatoes for me too. We had lots of rain this spring. I'm also hoping the other varieties won't be affected; they're not ripening yet.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.