Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Happy birthday to our son today!

-- This was a milestone week: On Sunday, I posted Oak Hill Homestead's 1,400th blog post! Thank you all for hanging out with me.

-- I applied epsom salts to the tomato plants, and stuck calcium in the ground around their roots. I forgot to put a calcium pill in the hole when I planted the seedlings - oops.

-- We've eaten our first two ripe tomatoes - the Early Girl variety ripened first. The skins were a bit tough, but the insides were sure good. We've had more ripen, but they had blossom end rot and I gave them to the chickens.

-- We have lots of ant hills this year. Evidently I stood on one while playing with the kittens. One leg looks like I have the measles. Itchy!

-- Hubby demolished the old goat shed.

-- Tuesday night we had some major storms blow through. Thankfully we were spared the huge hail that hit Oklahoma City, but we had high winds and some rain plus a lot of thunder and lightning. Our son had our pick-up truck in the City - he'd borrowed it to move - it now has some hail dents but the glass is intact.

-- The yellow plum tree is so heavy with fruit that one branch trails down to the ground. The morning after the storm I thought it might have broken, but closer inspection showed that it is still intact, even though the end is now laying on the ground. A lot of fruit blew off the trees in the storm, but we didn't sustain any more damage than that.

-- My favorite red plums are beginning to ripen.

-- The clover in the pasture is dying down now, but there is still intense buzzing as bees and other insects feed on the blooms.