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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- It's been hot.

-- We've lost three fruit trees this month: one of the established apple trees and both of the new pear trees. I thought it had rained enough this spring, but maybe not. Hubby's guess is that we chose a bad spot, the site of the burned-out barn, and that it might have been too high in phosphorus or something. I also realized that one of the winged ash trees behind the house is dead.

-- The mama cat moved her kittens; this time I haven't found them. I really wanted to be able to handle them daily so they would be tame, especially the adorable blue-cream tabby female.

-- Summer is for fun: we've been riding Splash, making cookies, playing with play dough and Legos, we went to the movies and ice skating...

-- Maybe I don't have a snake in the henhouse after all. Yesterday when I found the dead hen, I also collected 7 eggs. Before that, I was lucky to get one a day, and I thought it was another snake. Instead, maybe that hen was an egg eater?

-- I'm swimming in tomatoes and peppers. I imagine with this heat that production will begin to slow down soon. I've made salsa, frozen peppers cut into slices, dehydrated both peppers and tomatoes, and still have a counter covered with them.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.