My Servant Girls

Do you have servant girls?

I do: my washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, bread maker, etc. I could do their work myself, by hand, but they are my helpers. I can delegate some of my work to them while I do other things.

Many years ago I read on a blog that these appliances are our "servant girls". What a lovely concept! I set them to work in the morning so that I can do other tasks while they work in the background.

This, by the way, is when I began using my bread maker to just mix and knead the dough. I didn't like the crust of bread that I baked in the machine, so it had been resting in a cupboard for a year or more. Using it on the Dough setting was a revelation to me, and this servant girl has worked hard for me ever since.

I love crockpot days, when I load it up in the morning and know that dinner is simmering away while I do other things.

I'm thankful for my washer and dryer, for my dishwasher, for my oven, my vacuum, my alarm clock.

I'm thankful for my cell phone that also serves as my watch, notekeeper, calendar and camera. When I'm outside and turn on the water, I set a timer on my phone so I'll remember to turn off the water. Also, if there is something that I need to remember, I can write myself a note on my phone, or take a photo.

What servant girls are you thankful for today?

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