Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Granddaughter and I have been playing with Fimo clay, and doing fun experiments like adding Mentos to Diet Coke to make a geyser. We've played uncountable games of Cat-Opoly (the cat version of Monopoly). We also went ice skating again. It's so nice and cool in the rink, and most of all we've been trying to keep cool!

-- I've been dehydrating our surplus tomatoes and green peppers, the only "garden" I planted this year.

-- One of my goals this summer is to ride my horse Ella while leading Splash, which is called "ponying". Yesterday was our first attempt, just to see if it will be possible with these two horses. It's not as easy as it looks, trying to control one horse with one hand and the other horse with your other hand. But it went well, and I'm confident that with patience and practice we'll get it perfected.

-- Although I've loved having the goats in their pen in the backyard, they are ready for more room. I've been working on the fencing in the old buck pen with shed and will be moving them in there as soon as it is ready.


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