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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We visited the zoo early in the morning. The temperature was reasonably nice until the cloud cover burned off at noon and it quickly got hot, but that was as long as we'd planned to stay anyway.

-- Hubby bought me a Victorio food strainer. What a remarkable invention. Yes, I've been peeling tomatoes and peaches, and seeding the plums by hand all this time. Hubby wanted to be the first to use it, so he sent all the ripe tomatoes through (they definitely needed to be dealt with). It seems we made tomato juice instead of puree. It also seems like we should have cooked those tomatoes a bit first before putting them through the strainer; we might have gotten more pulp that way. But they weren't canning tomatoes anyway, and we like tomato juice, so all is good.

-- I took granddaughter to the water park one afternoon. While in town we bought a watermelon from a man with a pick-up truck full. I like supporting local agriculture.

-- Speaking of agriculture, have you seen this great You-Tube video "I'm Farming and I Grow It"? My favorite part is the irrigation dramatization... "water, water, water..." We drive through Kansas a couple of times a year and have passed that One Kansas Farmer sign along I-35. The video makes me smile. I've seen the brothers who made the video on several news shows, and I love how they speak of the Lord's guiding in their lives.

-- I've been working on the baby quilt. The top is now finished, and it's time to start basting it all together and quilting! My long-time friend Kathryn made me promise to not work more than an hour a day on it so I won't hurt my back again, and I've been a good girl.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.