Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Today we are celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary.

-- We need rain. We've begun another string of 100 degree and higher days. It is nearly August, but we are hoping for an early, wet fall. We had some thunder last night, and I moved some things to cover in the dark, but no rain fell. The tomatoes and peppers have stopped blooming in the heat. I am so thankful for rural water.

-- We've taken granddaughter to the ice rink almost every week during her visit. It's so cool and refreshing a place to hide from the heat, and hubby enjoys skating, which is something he grew up doing. (No, I don't skate. I take photos while other people skate.)

-- My goal this summer was to ride our horse Splash double with granddaughter, so that she could "go further" than riding in the round pen. However, we discovered that she is too tall: I can't see over her head when she sits in front of me. Scratch that idea. I will continue to practice riding Ella while leading Splash (called "ponying") so that next summer we can be more mobile.

-- We've seen a white egret in our pond a few times recently. We had a good conversation about water birds: "swimming birds" like swans vs "fishing birds" like egrets and herons. (Evidently, once you're a homeschooling mom, you are always a homeschooling mom/grandma!)

-- Hubby and I have agreed that the time has come to get another outside dog, since my cats and kittens have been disappearing. I'll have more news on that next week.


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