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Homemade Ice Cream

Last week we spent a day making homemade ice cream. I asked granddaughter what kind she wanted; she said her favorite is mint chocolate chip. I had peppermint flavoring, but not spearmint. Several years ago I made some peppermint chocolate chip ice cream that was excellent, so we made pink mint instead of green mint.

We also made a batch of peach ice cream, using peaches from our trees that I'd previously frozen. We made a quick trip to the store to buy whipping cream and half and half.

There are many ways to make ice cream. One is to use an old-fashioned crank ice cream freezer, or a newer electric model. I've had an Oster Kitchen Center for more than 20 years; it came with an ice cream accessory. We've only used it half a dozen times. Homemade ice cream is so good that I am always thinking I should do it more often, but the need to buy cream makes homemade ice cream more expensive than it could be, in my opinion. My unit uses table salt, so I don't have to buy rock salt.

The machine made a horrible noise when I first turned it on, but hubby fiddled with it a bit and it settled down to work. Twelve minutes later, we had peach ice cream! Then it needed to go in the freezer to harden up for several hours, so I packed it into two Cool Whip containers and made some space in one of the freezers for them.

Next we made the peppermint chocolate chip. I tried to chop the chocolate chips into smaller pieces, with semi-success. I wished for a few soft peppermint candies to chop up and include, but I don't have any. I ran out of ice near the end but I stretched it with very cold water. I packed the ice cream into cottage cheese containers and put them in another freezer.


You don't have an ice cream maker? Some 20 years ago in our daughters' Girl Scout troop we made ice cream in coffee cans. I googled for information and found these links:

- How to make coffee can ice cream

- Recipes

And ten years ago we made ice cream in a bag in our 4-H club. It wasn't as successful as the coffee can method, but if you want to try it, here are a couple of links:

- How Stuff Works - ice cream

- Ice cream in a bag


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.