Friday I mentioned our new LGD (livestock guardian dog) that came from a friend's farm. Julie is a 2-year-old Akbash.

She's been here over a week now, and my daughter asked "WHEN are you going to post pictures of the new dog?" So here they are.

Julie had just weaned her one pup, and was spayed the morning of the day she came here, so she is thin and her tummy is shaved. Now that she's spayed she will begin to gain weight and look better.

The goats were petrified of her at first. Now they are more comfortable with her, and yesterday they were all laying in the shelter together in the heat of the day. Like most LGD breeds, Julie is more active at night than during the day (the heat probably has something to do with that too), but she is awake all night, keeping watch for critters and predators.

Phoenix, however, has decided she likes to eat dog food. Julie isn't a big eater, and leaves her food in the bucket until later. Does anyone have any ideas about how to keep the goats out of the dog food?


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