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Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I found one tomato horn worm on a tomato plant. I knew there were some - the leaves have been chewed out of existence - but so far I've only found one. It made a good snack for the chickens.

-- A friend has been coming over once a week to ride the horses with me. It's been really hot so she comes quite early so we'll be finished before it gets too hot. Her riding is improving - this week for the first time we rode outside of our "round pen", which is actually the panels from two round pens put together into an oval.

-- Our pond is shrinking very quickly. It's been so very hot. Wednesday the high was 112 degrees in Oklahoma City, the second highest temperature in Oklahoma's recorded weather history. One evening last weekend the power went out for several hours, and it was unbearably hot in the house. I am so thankful for air conditioning and the electricity that runs it, and for our rural water.

-- One good thing about summer and drought: no need to mow the lawn. I've spent my evenings watering the pepper and tomato plants, the fruit trees, and my one and only rosebush.

-- Yesterday I had out-patient surgery to remove a cyst from my eyelid.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.