Friday Follow-Up

-- Julie, the new LGD (whose name is actually Juliet, I found out), is teaching the horses not to put their heads over the goats' fence. I'm happy about this; we had to redo this particular stretch of fence a few years ago (this photo was taken right after we finished the work):

...and after the fire, since we didn't have goats in this field, we took down the fence so we could tear down the old dilapidated goat shed AND redo the fence because the horses had once again messed it up.

So the goats are in a different place, but Julie does not allow horse heads in her pen. I'm sure she'll continue her rule once we get this field ready and the goats moved in there, and I have no problem with that! I have moved the hay feeder though; it's no longer along that fenceline as temptation.

-- Our weatherman says that the heat wave is over. Our high temperatures are now 80s and 90s and we have several chances of rain in the forecast. What a blessing! We had a tiny bit of rain on Tuesday evening.

-- My truck has been having issues for quite some time, and I've been stuck at home ("stuck" is a relative term, I haven't really had to go anywhere anyway). The nice folks at Auto Zone tested the charging system for us, after hubby jumped it and we went to town, and told us it's the alternator. Sigh... alternators are expensive. But hubby is working on it as I type, so soon I should have "wheels" again. Getting the old one off and the new one on has been a very involved job, and I'm thankful that he knows how to do such things.

-- We've been fortunate to not have any wildfires nearby until this week. This one was several miles away and the wind was blowing it away from us, but there are few homes in between that location and our home, just woods and brush and deep ravines, hard for the firefighters to work in if the wind were to shift. They were able to put it out in a few hours though, thank the Lord.

-- The horseflies have been horrible this year. On our weekly rides, my friend and I had been riding around the perimeter of our hayfield and pasture. As soon as we left the round pen the horseflies attacked our horses, and mine in particular did not like it one bit. This week we had a bit of a rodeo as she tried to dislodge a fly on her belly, but I stayed on. We will stick to riding in the round pen until the horsefly season is over. (Yes, we use fly spray but they seem to be immune.)


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