Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Our youngest daughter and son-in-law welcomed their first baby on Monday, an adorable little boy who looks just like his daddy. Such a blessing!

-- On Saturday it rained nearly all day long. There's water in the pond again, and we had MUD. The weather has surely changed - we have overnight dew again, clouds in the sky, and cooler temperatures.

-- The cicadas are no longer buzzing in the trees, and I'm finding occasional dead ones on the ground. Does their cycle end when the temperatures drop, or when the days shorten? The grasshoppers are still jumping as I walk along a path, and the brush is drying out so that the insects cause dry rattling noises as they disturb the plants. Fall is on its way.

-- Hubby replaced the alternator on my truck, and it seems to have done the trick. By persevering and doing this himself, he saved over $500 in labor costs at the dealership. It has started right up since then, so my fear that there was an additional problem seems to be unfounded.

-- Since the truck is fixed, we spent a morning going to Mr K's to get the hay he's been saving for me. While there, I was able to see his black doe kid that was sired by my former buck, Spots. She's a pretty girl. She wasn't very interested in posing for a portrait though; this was the best I managed to get with my phone. Mr K's LGD (livestock guardian dog) wasn't real happy that I was following the herd around trying to take photos either, so I didn't push the issue.

Mr K likes white goats, because they are easy for his "elderly eyes to spot in the woods" he says. Several of his goats are Saanans, such as the one behind Spots' daughter, or Saanan-Nubian crosses.

-- I saw a skink in the water trough one evening. The trough was empty and the skink had been trapped inside the slick surface of the one-time bathtub. I found him swimming after I turned on the water, and used my little aquarium-fish net to move him to safety. I haven't seen one in half a dozen years, and most of them that I have seen were dead, with cat-teeth holes in their bodies.

-- My bread machine is working again! Evidently the oil I applied had time to work itself in and lubricate whatever it was that was stuck.


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  1. Greetings from Indiana.

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts. We have recently inherited the family farm and will be moving up there soon. We are planning on keeping goats, and your blog is going to be very helpful to us. I am so sorry about your fire and your precious goats. We all get so attached to our lovely little critters don't we. With God's grace we get through. I hope you are having a lovely day.


  2. Welcome, Carol, and thank you for your kind words.

    Have you decided what kind of goats you'd like to have? One word of advice: be careful to start out with stock from disease-free herds. Ask about CAE and CL. This can save you a lot of heartbreak later on down the road.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Thank you, Kathi.

    I am trying to learn which goat produces the best tasting milk. Not too thin, not too thick and as close to the taste of 2% cow milk as I can get. Plus I am hoping to learn to make butter and soap. Any suggestions? Yes, disease free herds, CAE AND CL...I will remember that. So much to learn...but, I feel very determined to see this through.

    I hope you are enjoying your evening!


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