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My granddaughter was really interested in the kittens this year. She chose her favorite, and carried little Smoky around constantly. The little guy didn't have a chance to be aloof. He's so friendly now that he comes running when I go outside, and he is always underfoot. Because his color is so similar to the dirt and dry grass, I've almost stepped on him several times. He really misses his 8-year-old girl.

This is Starbuck. Each evening I put Smoky, Starbuck, Angel and, if I can catch them, the other 3 kittens in the big dog crate with a plate of wet cat food, a bowl of kitten chow, and water. This keeps the adults from eating the food intended for the kittens.

My favorite is Angel. I love her classic tabby markings (the bullseye pattern on her sides). She's a real sweetie. You've seen her photos on several past posts; she's very photogenic.

Cinder blocks are such fun to play in and sleep in.

My cats are hard workers, hunting rats, mice, gophers and more. Keeping down the rodent population also keeps the snake population down, and I'll do just about anything to keep the snake population down!


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.