One morning recently, I opened the door to let the dogs out and saw this:

Of course I went outside and took "a few" more photos too...

I love luna moths (and cecropia moths, but that's for another day). I rarely see more than one a year though at most, and usually I find a wing on the grass instead of a live moth.

The problem is my cats. You can see in the photos that the moth is on the screen door. My cats used to love to hang out on the porch and attack the moths and other bugs that fluttered around under the porch light.

I have so few cats now though (they've been disappearing this summer, including my favorite kitten Angel), plus they hang out in the backyard now since I've moved their feedbowl. This big moth might actually have a chance. So I tried to move it to a safer place. It wouldn't try to hang onto the siding though, and fell to the ground. My tom cat came over to investigate. I tried to move it to a tree, but it fell to the ground. I finally cupped it in my hands and put it in the mudroom under a basket for the day.

When evening came I took it back outside and let it go. It flew around the yard in circles for awhile, and finally lit in one of the juniper trees, a spot of bright green against the darker green of the tree. I hope it survives long enough to find a mate.


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