A Milestone, and Varmints

Yesterday's post Silver Sunday was the 1,500th post on Oak Hill Homestead. What a milestone.

And now you know why I back up my blog weekly; who'd want to lose 1,500 posts? There's a lot of joy and tears residing in this corner of cyberspace.

Our youngest daughter on our old mare, Easter

While it's hard to read some of the posts, and harder to look at some of the photos - especially those of my dear goats - there are also a lot of good times that I want to remember, and a lot of progress and adventures that I don't want to forget.


Friday when my friend and I were riding Splash and Ella in the double-round-pen that we lovingly call our "arena", Splash stopped and snapped to attention. As we followed his gaze, we spotted a large coyote stepping out from behind the largest blackberry thicket. It moved into the hayfield, and was joined by two more. The three of them rolled and tumbled in the tall grass and weeds, wandered from one end of the hayfield to the other and back again, and in general kept an eye on us for about 15 minutes before they disappeared the way they had come.

I've never seen more than one at a time before. Are these siblings, perhaps, not yet old enough to go their own ways?

I did not have my camera nor my shotgun. While they were fun to watch as they played, I know these are the three that I heard yip-yapping on the hillside right behind the house the other night, and probably are the cat-eaters. The only way I'm going to get rid of the threat to my cats is to shoot one, or at least scare them so badly that they will go away and stay away. And then get another yard dog to keep them away (that's in the works, and I'll tell you more about it when the pup arrives).

Meanwhile the remnant of my clowder of cats are not happy with me, but they are living in a chainlink dog kennel for their own safety. Lots of shade, a big doghouse to sleep in and play on, and plenty of food and water. They're probably going to get fat.


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