County Fair

Last week was our county fair. I work at the fair, and spent at least 12 hours each day at the fairgrounds, getting home just before dark to feed my own livestock and drop, exhausted, into bed.

At the livestock show, the champion dairy goat came from my homestead. Her 4H owner had worked for me for a summer in trade for Imagine, and Imagine's kid this spring was sired by my buck Spots. It was very emotional to watch "my" goats in the ring after the loss of my herd in January. Not "exciting emotional" but "meltdown emotional".

On the good side, all of the photos I entered earned ribbons. While I didn't win the Best of Show award (I hope I will someday), I was pleased with the results: 11 firsts, 3 seconds, 2 thirds, and a fourth place.

These are some of my first-place winners. You might recognize a few of them; they have been "A Slice of My Life" posts.

This one I plan to take with me when I visit my new grandson next month. His room is decorated in a jungle animals theme. I hope my daughter will like it enough to hang on his wall.


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