Follow-Up Friday

This week:

-- The coyotes have been very vocal both morning and night this week. I assume it was because of the "blue moon" (the second full moon in a calendar month). Juliet, our LGD, barks all night and keeps her goats safe. Her all-night barking doesn't bother me, I know it means she's doing her job. But the cats aren't near the goat pen, so they are beyond the range of Juliet's protection. They haven't figured out that her Early Warning System means "Run! Hide!"

-- Then I saw the cat-nabbing coyote right in my barnyard and declared war on him/her. Juliet stays with her goats, so she hasn't been able to chase it off, but she does bark and do her best.

-- I continue working on the baby quilt, doing the quilting work by hand. I can only work on it for a couple of hours in the morning when the light is best, and not every day. The end is in sight though!

-- It's fair week! I am extremely busy, working more than 12 hours a day. Please bare with me until it's over.


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