Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Now that the weather is cooling down and I can stand to be outside for longer periods of time, I've been able to spend more time with the goats and the horses. I love sitting in the goat pen and watching the girls browse while Juliet keeps watch over them. On some days I let them into the front yard to graze as well, until they look longingly at my fruit trees and rose bushes, or the hay stored on pallets and covered with tarps for winter feeding. Then it's back into the pen they go!

-- The goats have finally matured enough to know that their weekly wormer balls are tasty! Please leave my fingers, girls!

-- The horses have been grazing in their pasture again by choice. With the lack of rain this summer they'd eaten down the grass. In August we opened the gate to the hayfield for them to graze, after confirming with our neighbor that he wouldn't be cutting hay this year again. Now that we've had rain the grass is growing again, and they have rediscovered grass in their pasture. I'm very thankful for this. After two years of drought, I'm praying for a good wet year.

-- I heard a bird singing in the quiet woods and thought "how strange". Then I realized that the cicadas and other insects are no longer humming through the afternoons. Summer is gone; autumn officially begins today, my favorite season.


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