Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- One morning as I sat in a corner of the couch, Colby, one of the indoor cats, was after something under the end table. I watched him to make sure it was a bug and not a scorpion. I saw him eyeing a fly on the wall, and I heard it buzz as it flew around a bit, so I went back to my reading. A few moments later a scorpion marched over the arm of the couch towards me. There are two things in this world that scare me - snakes and scorpions - so I gasped and threw my book down as I moved away fast. I wrung my hands for a few moments and then decided I had to do something. I grabbed a piece of duct tape and taped the scorpion firmly to the arm of the couch. When I summoned enough courage, I pulled up the tape with the immobilized scorpion securely attached, folded it over and threw it in the trash can.

When we find one on the ceiling, hubby sticks a ball of duct tape sticky side out to the end of the broom and squishes the scorpion against the ceiling. It's the best solution we've found. The tape holds the nasty thing securely and is thick enough that we cannot be stung through it.

My indoor cats are the best scorpion-detection-system I've found. Even though I misread Colby's actions that morning, he probably really was after the scorpion. This is how I've found all the scorpions in the house, with the exception of the ones on the ceiling: by watching the cats and noticing that they are acting unusually.

-- On the past two Wednesdays we've had impromptu rain showers. This week I looked out the kitchen window to see if that was really rain on a mostly-sunny afternoon, and saw what I thought were hailstones bouncing on the ground - they were actually grasshoppers.

-- The neighborhood tom cat still comes to visit occasionally. He sits in the front yard looking confused that no cats come out to visit with him (my 3 remaining cats are still in the coyote-proof chain-link dog kennel). I feed him, he chases grasshoppers, hunts the gopher, and then eventually goes home. I do wonder how he has escaped the coyote's clutches; I guess he is more "street smart" than my cats.


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