This is War

Yesterday morning, I fed the goats and then walked to the lip of the hill with the horses' feed. I heard Juliet barking, and saw that she was looking intently off in the distance. Something whispered in my ear "go look"... so I set down my buckets and walked back to see what she was looking at. About twenty yards away from me was a big coyote. Right In My Barnyard. Right Behind My House.

I hurled death threats at him, but I doubt they will have any lasting effect. I'm sure he was just waiting for one of my few remaining cats/kittens to crawl through the backyard fence, so that he could grab it and run off with my pet in his mouth. I was so mad!

Pete and I took a walk around the hillside, making lots of noise (me) and leaving scent (Pete). I know the wily thing knows Juliet's boundaries and that she can't get to him, and that Pete isn't out there all the time, but it was all I could do at the time. And as of last night, I don't go outside without the shotgun. It's hard to carry a shotgun and two buckets, but I will make it work. This is war.


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  1. How scary! Perhaps you can use the shotgun across your shoulders with a bucket hanging off of each side... :-)


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