Fall Cleaning and Preparing

It's fall cleaning time at my house, time to put away the summer clothes and start washing the winter things so they'll smell fresh when it's cold enough to put them on.

I also do some decluttering at the same time. Summer's heat saps my energy, and I've let things pile up both inside and out. I'm ready for a change - a clean home - cozy winter throws and pillows - and preparations for winter storms. Yes, I'm really thinking ahead; I tend to drive my hubby kind of crazy with my "what if's".

I try to think about possible scenarios and then prepare for them, just in case. We've been through some doozy ice storms here, complete with losing power for several days. When we lived in Michigan we dealt with deep snows. California living meant the possibility of earthquakes. No matter where you live, there is the possibility of some kind of storm or other natural challenge, and it's best to be prepared.

So it's time to restock the basket of candles and matches. I keep a flashlight next to the basket too, so that if/when the lights go out I'll be able to see to light the candles. The flashlight batteries should be replaced too. The weather radio is also kept in the basket.

I change the batteries in all the smoke detectors when we set the clocks back - which will happen in just a couple of weeks - so I've added 9-volt batteries to the shopping list.

It's not unusual to have severe storms here in November. I'm washing the towels from the storm shelter this week (because we'd probably have to run through some torrential rain to get to the shelter, and towels would be welcome to dry ourselves off), and the throw blankets that I keep there to keep us warm if needed. The chairs will be hosed off and left to dry in the sunshine before being put back down in the shelter.

I need to check on the big lantern flashlight that belongs by the back door. Not only might we have to run through the rain to the storm shelter, it might also be dark, and we'd need the light of the flashlight's strong beam.

In case you're wondering, the pink duct tape is on the flashlight to keep the front assembly from falling off, as it's done several times lately. Our granddaughter insisted I buy pink while she was here this summer.

What kind of natural disaster might you face in the months ahead? How do you prepare?


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  1. Well with it being mid-August I am beginning to make my fall to-do list. I live in northern NY so I have to get things ready for the snowy winter. So I need to clean the cellar and get enough wood to heat the house for the winter. And also clean the chimneys. Put plastic on the windows to keep out cold air. And make sure I have a good shovel and some pot ash so I don’t slip going to the car. I have a lot to do.


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