Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- It rained most of last weekend, beginning on Friday morning and continuing through Sunday afternoon, a blessing that I am so very thankful for. There is water in the pond, and the grass is very green again. I heard frogs singing in the darkness Sunday night. According to the weatherman's maps, we received somewhere between 3.5" and 5". (I really need to find my new rain gauge and get it outside where it belongs!)

-- On Saturday afternoon our new farrier came - in the rain. We worked just inside the barn doorway, where it was relatively dry but he had the most light to work in. The solar lighting that we installed in the barn a few years ago no longer works.

-- I've been making soap again! Three batches this week: unscented, lavender, and one that looks like mud. That was a fail.

-- The pepper plants have put on a second crop now that summer's heat has passed. I noticed half a dozen green bells hanging underneath the plants like pendants on a chandelier. There are new blooms on the tomato plants but they won't have enough time to ripen before frost, which usually arrives around the end of this month. This weekend's high temperature is supposed to be only 48°. Last week we were in the 90's, what a jump from hot to cold.


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