Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We had a cold weekend with highs only in the 40's, and Sunday night we had light frost. The tomatoes and peppers seem to have survived, however I took one step outside on Monday morning, hit a patch of frost and went down the stairs on my rear. I'm now sporting very colorful bruises and it hurts to sit down.

-- Yesterday morning as I was feeding the horses, Splash stopped eating, trotted forward a few steps and stood at attention. I followed his gaze and watched four deer cross the pasture and then hang out for a bit near the dead osage orange tree. Eventually they jumped the barbed wire fence and disappeared into the neighbor's woods. It's been years since I've seen deer in the pasture. I've watched them cross the hayfield way out there, but not the pasture.

We've had so many changes here this year and it is reflected in the wildlife (and domesticated animals too). Losing the barn meant the barncats lost their protected hangout. Losing our two great pyrenees resulted in the coyote population coming closer to the house. The coyotes decimated the barncat population. Losing the cats has resulted in gophers, gopher holes, and a family of rabbits grazing in our front yard - all because we lost the barn and then the dogs. And once again, like our first years here, there are deer in the pasture and blue herons and egrets in the pond; the pyrenees discouraged the presence of both.

I've missed the deer and the water birds, but having good dogs around the place means fewer coyotes and that's my goal. Juliet does a great job of protecting her goats, but she has no interest in leaving the goat pen. Pete is only outside when I am. Soon, soon, there will be another pyrenees here...


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