Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The holsteins are still here. Hubby saw them once while I was away out of town, and we saw them out in our woods Wednesday afternoon. Their owner strung a new barbed wire fence on the roadside of the acreage next to ours; evidently the cows are still walking through the fence between our place and that one though. Perhaps he's renting that acreage for the cows, since they seem to be content to stay there? We don't mind, they are eating down the weeds and tall grass that is a fire danger anyway, and we don't run the horses out there; it just sits fallow.

-- I went on my annual fall trail ride with friends. The weather was lovely and warm. The lake is quite low after two years of drought, but it was still beautiful. The trail was muddy from recent rain. I was hoping there would be a little water in the creekbed but the crossing was dry.

This was only the second time I've been to the lake this year; I had truck issues all summer so I couldn't pull the trailer. I'm hoping to go more often next year.

Self Portrait

One of the young riders asked me what I like best about trail riding? I said it's the quiet, companionship with my horse, the sounds of my saddle squeaking and Ella's hoofsteps, the feeling of leaving all my cares behind. No matter how often I go, the trail is always different.

I hope you have something that makes you feel this way too, whether it's gardening, walking or jogging, or just sitting on your porch or deck. We all need to recharge our batteries, don't we?


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