Felicity is the youngest of my three does, born in March. She is from my friend Jana's herd.

She was a tiny little thing when I first saw her. She'd been a lap goat at Jana's house, a favorite of their family. They called her Miss Mouse because of her diminuitive size and her quiet personality.

She's still a sweetie, but no longer quiet and unassuming. With just three does, my herd is filled with obvious personalities; each goat is unique and has her own little quirks. For a petite girl Felicity has a big personality; she isn't shy and definitely makes her presence known.

Felicity is always the first to call out to me when I come out the door and into sight. She wants her feed NOW. Phoenix is the first at the gate, but Felicity is right behind her, with Firefly bringing up the rear.

She's still a little girl, but she'll catch up eventually. What she lacks in size she certainly makes up in personality.


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