Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We had quite a bit of rain on Sunday morning, which was so needed.

-- My friend and I have confined our weekly horseback rides to the riding pen all summer because of the horseflies that were more prevalent in the hayfield. Fly spray just doesn't work on horseflies, it seems, and they tortured the horses. Now that the frosty mornings have killed off the pests, we had a lovely ride around the property with both horses behaving perfectly. I do love autumn. I always hope it will be a long season.

-- Just before our ride, we watched a large coyote saunter through the hayfield, stopping to investigate this and that. I was so hoping that the pack had moved on, but I heard them singing one evening this week as they ran through the deep ravine out back. I'm thankful for our dogs that keep watch over our livestock and pets.

-- My "tomato clones" are doing well, growing long roots and still looking good. I have them in the kitchen window where I see them several times a day and remember to keep the jars full of water. I took all the plants off the window shelf the other day to close the storm window, and found that my two mint plants had sent runners around the window edges. There were stems and leaves growing between the window and the screen, virtually outdoors in spite of the overnight frosts.


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