Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- The leftover turkey is chopped and in the freezer in 1-cup portions. Years ago I realized that turkey is pretty much interchangeable with chicken in recipes, as well as for making delicious turkey noodle soup. And conversely, you can make chicken tetrazini.

-- The turkey carcass went into my crockpot with water, carrots, onions, herbs and the rest of the gravy and pan drippings, and simmered all day to make turkey stock.

-- On cold mornings, the cats grudgingly share their favorite fuzzy green blanket on the couch; in warmer weather one will chase the other away. (Notice, though, that they aren't looking at each other. I think they pretend the other one isn't there.) Tink and Collins are half-brother and sister, with Tink being a year older. Colby, Collins' littermate, never shares a lap or a blanket with another cat.

-- The majority of my time this week has been taken up with this 8-pound bundle of unhousebroken joy:

A trip to the vet for shots, lots of trips outside, plus lots of floor-cleaning. (We didn't plan to get this one; it was an unplanned adoption. She is still unnamed, although I've been calling her "Little Sister" like John Wayne called Kim Darby in the old True Grit movie.)

-- I had the opportunity to shoot at the big coyote this week, with the operative word being "at". At least I scared it off.


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