Since coming to live with the goats, Juliet has settled in well. I hear her barking during the night, warning off the coyotes that we hear singing in the ravine. I'm so thankful that we have Juliet to keep the goats safe.

Juliet was spayed the morning of the day she arrived here, so she looked thin because her hair had been shaved. She had recently weaned her pup. She also didn't care to eat much, I was told.

Phoenix decided she likes dog food. At first Juliet let Phoenix finish what was left of the dog food in the bucket, but eventually she asserted herself and let Phoenix know that dog food is for dogs, not for goats. No nipping, no barking, no aggression, she just pushed Phoenix's head out of the bucket again and again until Phoenix quit trying.

As she's recovered from the spay, and her body and metabolism have adjusted, Juliet is more interested in and eats all of her food, which is good for both the dog and the goats. She's put on weight as well as her winter coat. I think she looks fabulous; these photos were taken last week and she looks even better now.

When I toss a fallen branch of leaves in the pen, Juliet carries it around for awhile before she lets the goats have it. By that time, most of the leaves have fallen off. If they want that stick, she must think it's good for something.

Now that it's getting cold at night, I've moved Juliet into the buck pen. She and Phantom can help to keep each other warm. The two are getting along very well. Phantom also thinks dog food tastes good, and Juliet is teaching him that dog food is for dogs, not for goats...


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  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Lovely dog, Kathi. You have such lovely animals. :) I love to read about your farm.

    May Jesus bless you richly!

  2. Aw, your Juliet is a wonderful, intelligent, gentle creature. God bless her! She's pretty, too ;-)

  3. Thank you, Mary.


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