Phantom is my buck. He and Felicity both came from my friend Jana's herd, but they aren't related.

Most of my bucks have been quiet and in the background, but Phantom is loud, raucous, and wants to be in the center of everything.

I kept the four young goats (my three does Phoenix, Firefly and Felicity, plus Phantom) together for awhile in the pen in our backyard, then moved them all to my former buck pen and separated Phantom from the girls by a fenceline both inside and outside their shed, a fence that they can sleep against, and stick their noses through and visit. Goats don't like to be lonely.

Keeping just one buck can be challenging for this reason. Some people keep a wether as a companion for the buck. I haven't done that, but in the past I have kept a buck with a wethered lamb (our daughter's 4H project); I've kept two bucks; I've kept a buck with a doe that had never conceived (although she did surprise me one January because of this cohabitation, and I wasn't unhappy about it).

Juliet also shares the buck pen with Phantom; they will help to keep each other warm this winter. In future years I can probably let him spend the winter with the does, because they will already be bred. I want to wait until next fall to breed them though, so this winter they are separated.

I'm sparing you current photos of Phantom, since it's rutting season and he's not looking his best. If you have goats, you know what I mean; if not, just trust me on this, and be glad there's no such thing as smell-o-vision.


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  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Know exactly what you mean, Kathi! :)

    Thanks for posting these biographies of your goats. :) And Juliet. :) I've enjoyed them all!

    The Lord Jesus bless you in a special way.

    In Him;


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