2012 In Review

Come with me, and visit a few of the events of 2012:

January - Hubby had a mild heart attack early in the month, and just days later, the barn burned to the ground. A bad month, to be sure. My 4H kids and their parents came to help us clean up after the fire. Our steer Chuck went to the butcher.

February - Our middle daughter and her family surprised us with an unexpected visit to help clean up after the fire. With their help we fenced in the hayfield so the horses could graze over the winter. Phoenix came to live with us.

March - Honestly, I sort of shut down for several months after January. Spring arrived. Firefly came to keep Phoenix company.

April - Felicity and the Phantom joined my goat herd. My male pyrenees disappeared one night; I assume he went after a predator and lost the fight.

May - Hubby tore down the old, rotted, falling-down goat shed. We lost our female pyrenees to tick fever in spite of several trips to the vet.

June and July - Our granddaughter came for her annual visit. We cooked and baked and sewed and did a lot of science experiments, and of course, horseback riding. And we lost most of our barn cats to coyotes.

August - Juliet came to help guard the young goats. Our first grandson was born.

September - I came face to face with the cat-eating coyote right next to the storm shelter. At this point I caged the last three cats for their own safety. Then, since there were no loose outside cats, I was able to see the luna moths and polyphemus moths that usually I only see dead and chewed up.

October - I took a week's vacation from the homestead to visit our new grandson. I finished the baby quilt in time to take it with me.

November - Cracker came to be our yard dog, and to help deter the coyotes. We had several visits from the neighbors' dairy cows.

December - We adopted Sissy. I shot at the big coyote on two occasions. Our youngest daughter, son-in-law and baby came to visit. It was wonderful to spend our grandson's first Christmas with them. Our son-in-law shot four coyotes, cleaned up the debris from the demolished goat shed, and pulled the metal roof of the sheep shed out of the nearly-dry pond.

Emotionally and health-wise, it's been a tougher year than most, but through it all, the Lord has been faithful, and I am thankful to Him for His care.

Thank YOU also for sharing the journey with me.


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  1. I have followed you blog for a couple of years. I don't comment much but I am thankful to have you a part of my daily life. Many prayers have been prayed for you this year. My prayer today is that 2013 will be a peaceful year for you and your family, Many blessings
    Cindy in OK

  2. Thank you so much, Cindy! I am so thankful for your prayers; I can't tell you how much your comment meant to me this morning. May our Lord bless you and your family.


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