A Walk in the Woods

We've had such beautiful weather lately that it's been hard to stay put. On a recent day I rewarded myself for finishing a tough job by taking my camera on a hike.

I stomped around in the undergrowth for awhile and realized that the ticks are still in evidence. I was cautious about snakes too since it was a late-season warm day, but fortunately I didn't find any.

I had two photo goals in mind this day. First was the "Gate to Nowhere" as I call it. There are no fences here, and no post for this gate to latch to, just the pole that holds it up, and the gate itself. This has been a cattle property for many many decades, but did the fence disintegrate, or was it removed? When? And why? And why was the gate left up? I love sleuthing the landscape, but this is a mystery.

My second goal was "The Valve". Oil and natural gas pipelines criss-cross our property and our neighborhood. I'm not sure which flowed through this particular pipe.

Rusty valves can sometimes be seen from the road if you're the passenger and not the driver, and you are looking deep into the leafless trees in autumn and winter; they are different shapes and sizes, and are another thing that I love to discover, another hint of the past.

It had rained lightly a few days before and I was surprised to see puddles in the indentations in this rock. I grew up on the coast of California, and puddles like this remind me of tide pools holding captive treasures.

I loved these mossy lichens too, so soft-looking.

Eventually my camera and I made our way back home. We'll go again another day. I love the woods {and the fields too} in any season.


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