Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- I enjoyed driving a luxury {rental} car for a few days while my truck's rear bumper was replaced due to a recent fender-bender. It was nice to have a nice car, but I did miss my truck and was glad to be reunited when the work was done. First thing I did: buy feed.

-- We've had such warm, humid weather and have broken a few records. There is an emerald carpet of new green grass growing in the barnyard. I've shut the horses out of the hayfield until the end of hunting season, after listening to the myriad of gunshots back behind us last weekend. It's better to be safe than sorry.

-- Hunters, or maybe the heavy equipment working on a new oil road on the ridge behind our place, seem to have scared off the coyotes for awhile; I haven't seen one since the day I shot at the big one, but I did hear one that night, with Cracker and Juliet barking back. I'm not thrilled about the oil road, but at least all I can see is a treeless seam trekking along the hillside, rather than the road itself. Perhaps in the spring I won't see it at all, after the raw newness wears off and the trees are once again green and leafy.

-- We're having company for the holidays, so I'm cleaning and rearranging and preparing like a crazy woman!

-- And I'm still working on housebreaking the puppy Sissy.


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