Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Hubby and I walked through the 96th annual Oklahoma State Poultry Federation show, as we enjoy doing every year. We just like to look at all the birds, especially the unusual and rare ones. This year we visited with a husband and wife who both work with hubby - they were both exhibiting birds - and I saw a friend although she was busy and didn't see me.

I'm most familiar with heavy layers, and I like them the best, but there are so many other kinds of poultry out there. The "modern" chickens, which hubby's co-worker breeds and shows, are long-legged, small-bodied birds that remind me of shore birds, but they're kind of freaky-looking and I think they belong in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

My grandmother had bantum chickens when I was growing up. She had many different colors and I loved the variety. As a child, it was my summer job to feed them and search for eggs in the hayloft. They were not scary at all because they were "mini chickens" and for many years I thought that was as big as chickens got.

The duck and geese end of the show hall is my favorite. We had a friendly pair of Embden geese for awhile. They were such friendly birds and I was so upset when we lost them. The male died in an accident; the female was here for a long time but then disappeared without a trace one rainy day. Watching them swim in their plastic kiddie pool was so much fun. My blue swede duck and my black cayuga drake were also comical and much-loved. We've had a few other geese and ducks, but those were my favorites.

-- We celebrated hubby's birthday over the weekend.

-- And I'm still cleaning like a mad woman, and working on all the Christmas preparations, and still housebreaking Sissy, and ... being thankful for Lori who comes to ride with me once a week!


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