Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- We had a wonderful visit with our children over the holidays. It was hard to send our daughter and her family back home on a plane, but we are so thankful that they were able to come. It was the first time hubby saw our grandson, and I'm glad he was able to do that. We have some precious photos and even more precious memories. Our son came for Christmas dinner as well, and we talked on the phone with the other two daughters that live far away.

-- The Christmas ham became bean soup with ham, served with corn muffins. Oh my, delicious! Bean soup is one of those things that just gets better with time; leftovers are wonderful. The rest went into the freezer.

-- We had a big storm on Christmas Day, and although it didn't bring the quantity of snow that was first predicted, we did have sleet and ice first and some sideways-blowing snow later. The wind chills were wicked and dangerous. Feeding the livestock was not at all fun.

-- I opened one of the new round bales of hay, and I love seeing the oats and the pods from the purple vetch inside. Hay this year, though scarce and expensive, is really nice. We had enough rain to have a good first cutting of high-protein hay full of wild oats, yellow hops, vetch and clover. It's so nice to be feeding local hay this winter, grown by friends. Late last winter I had to pay over $100 per round bale for hay that was trucked in from the midwest and who knew if it was even that year's hay? I was buying from the feed store, and I'd walk the rows and choose which bales I wanted and which weren't worth buying. They didn't like me doing it, but I was paying enough that I felt I could be choosy.


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