Finally! I've been waiting for a friend to truck his hay home from the field so we could go pick some up. He finally called me and said he'd be moving it on Saturday and that we could come get some in the field while he was loading it on to his own trailers.

Hubby and I followed his directions, and then followed our own instincts and found the meadow near the bridge.

We joined some other people who were also waiting with their trailers.

He had a choice of bales from two different fields. We chose the larger bales of native grasses, wild oats and clover for slightly more money.

Hubby helped direct the loading of three bales onto our flatbed trailer, then made a deal for a half-size bale at the end of the row. That one was loaded onto the bed of our truck.

Once back home, our son-in-law helped hubby push the bales off the trailer into the yard, park the trailer, and then roll the smaller bale off the truck into the pasture for the horses to eat over the Christmas weekend.


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