Big Boy

This is Cracker when we picked him up, at five months old, in early November:

Here he is at six months old, in December:

And here he is today, at seven months old:

He's sure grown, hasn't he? He's HUGE.

And not only has he grown physically, he's decided that he is a big boy in other ways too. It's his job to protect us, and he's taking it seriously.

Hubby and I came home late one night recently, and found Cracker loose in the yard. I've been keeping him confined at night so that he won't get into trouble with a pack of coyotes. One dog on its own can get into trouble fast, especially if he doesn't yet have "street smarts". So I fixed the gate where I thought he'd gotten out, and put him back in his pen for the rest of the night.

The next evening I heard a dog bark out in the front yard. I opened the front door and sure enough, there was Cracker, smiling at me, and looking like he was very happy to be barking his presence to the world and keeping us and the livestock safe. I put him back in his pen, but he was out again within half an hour. Evidently he knows how to climb the fence. He barked a few times throughout the night, but was sleeping in the backyard when I got up in the morning.

Evidently I can't keep him confined at night anymore if he wants to be out; he thinks he's old enough to take over the job that our pyrenees left when they died last spring. I hope this goofy guy stays safe.


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