Friday Follow-Up

This week:

-- Seed catalogs are arriving in the mail, and our farm store had two full aisles of seeds on display last weekend. Spring is surely coming!

-- My Early Girl tomato "clones" are growing great. The Bradley tomatoes, not so well. I don't know if the Bradleys will make it to spring, but I'll be thrilled if the Early Girls do, and if my experiment is a success. It's kind of amazing the difference in the roots of the two varieties, and in their growth habits and water consumption. It's been a learning experience in many ways.

-- Sissy weighed 17 pounds at her last vet checkup, a far cry from the 8-pound wormy furball that we brought home. Now, if she would just stop messing in the house.

-- Probably because we have fewer barn cats this year, we have a surplus of cardinals in the front yard. They are a cheery spot of bright red against the cheerless brown grass. I've spotted as many as 6 pairs at a time; the males are easy to see but it takes awhile to find the brown females in the grass. This week we also had dark-eyed juncos in the yard.

-- Every morning for a week I scared a flock of wild ducks on the pond when I'd go down the hill to feed the horses, and then I'd scare them again on my way back up the hill. They seem to have moved on now. North or south? That is the question.


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